Addison Lee B2B

Manager Portal is one of the most important B2B products of Addison Lee. Along with Concierge and Third-Party Widgets, whole web ecosystem is designed from scratch.

Product Designer

Concierge by Addison Lee

Concierge is a Web Application tailored for Hotels to book Addison Lee services in the most easiest way. The aim was to see the status, book a car and pay at one screen. The result was a one clean page product.

Live Booking

Live Booking is a widget in the app designed to let the booker see every status update, select them and operate.

Manager Portal

Being the most important B2B product, Manager Portal is designed to provide every need for businesses including assigning members, booking cars, invoicing. It also lets the business to see reporting overview, spendings and booking channels.

Smart Action Bar

Every list element in every page requires different actions on selection. The simple action bar on desktop version is designed to keep the user experience consistent throughout the Manager Portal while it adapts to different purposes.

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